Experience Dandi Path: In the foot-steps of Mahatma Gandhi

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad to Dandi, at 21 Historic Places Mahatma Gandhi made his stay on the path to ‘Dandi’. At each place, he met hundreds of people at some places he took afternoon rest while at some, the night stay. He professed the use of Khadi, emphasized de-addiction & untouchability, met leading national figures, organized meetings and it was during the Dandi Path that long term national decisions were taken. It is the Dandi Path that carries with it the inspirational reservoir of memories.

Gujarat Tourism has now stepped forward and has designed befitting itinerary so that in the present times you can experience & live yourself, Mahatma Gandhi's historic Dandi March. It was this historic Dandi Path on which Mahatma Gandhi & 80 marchers
had walked. On the same Path you can now either walk or travel by cycle, bike, car or bus. All facilities are now available to suit your choice including comfortable lodging, meals and as many as - 15 ‘Dandi Path - Yatri Nivas.

Dandi Path: Map


Come experience the Dandi March

As you take the Dandi March, all those historic moments will come alive with the persona of Mahatma Gandhi and enthusiasm of all volunteers.


Participate in Programmes & Festivities

On Dandi Path these 21 venues are hub of fair & festivals and events where local
people, participants of Dandi Path, children, students, youths, adults, & leaders from dierent walks of life participate.


Enjoy Gujarat’s Rural Tourism & Culture

Mahatma Gandhi often said, ‘Village India is real India’. Dandi Path provides you an opportunity to experience & enjoy this rural India first hand, its rural culture, folk-life, traditional meals. It’s arts & festivals.


Imbibe Mahatma Gandhi’s message

Dandi Path provides to all participants from India or abroad wonderful opportunity to deeply understand Mahatma Gandhi's soulful life & how to instill these qualities towards for our own upliftment.